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Virginia Medical Insurance Statistics

Total Population: 7,514,029

With Health Insurance: 6,443,393 / 85.8%

Without Health Insurance:1,070,636 / 14.2%

*According to the Census Bureau's March 2007 and 2008 Current Population Survey (CPS: Annual Social and Economic Supplements).

Note: The percentage of Virginia residents without coverage has decreased .8% since 2004.

Virginia Bureau of Insurance

Phone: 800­-552-7945

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance regulates, licenses, investigates and examines insurance companies, agencies and agents throughout the state., know your options
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Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan for

The right provider should offer you sound advice on your various health plan options. We recommend that you speak to at least 1 licensed health insurance agent who is knowledgeable about your situation, and who is able to present you with a comprehensive set of options.

The right plan for you:

  • Meets your budget. Factor in all costs, not just the monthly premium. Co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles are as much a cost factor than the premium.
  • Has the doctors and hospitals you want or need.
  • Provides the benefits you need. This includes any medical conditions you may have or may potentially have. You should also factor in coverage limits, waiting periods and medical condition riders.

If you are shopping online for health insurance, you might be comparing different plan options provided by multiple health insurance carriers. Most people will choose a plan based on the following factors: Price, Deductible, Co-Insurance, Ratings, Provider Network and Company. The biggest challenges we hear from health insurance consumers are (a) Understanding the total costs (premiums plus out-of-pocket expenses), and (b) Balancing cost with flexibility. If you have questions, we recommend speaking to a licensed health insurance agent who will take the time to understand your situation.

For more information on how to choose, U.S. government’s Health & Human Services guide to “Choosing a Health Plan”.