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One of the top US health insurers, CIGNA covers nearly 12 million people with its various medical plans, which include PPO, HMO, point-of-service (POS), indemnity, and consumer-directed products. CIGNA also offers specialty health coverage in the form of dental, vision, pharmacy, and behavioral health plans, and it sells group accident, life, and disability insurance.

Its customers include employers, government entities, unions, Medicare recipients, and other individuals in the US and Canada. Internationally, the company sells life, accident, and supplemental health insurance in parts of Asia and the European Union, and it provides health coverage to expatriate employees of multinational companies.

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The company provides health care and related benefits offered through the workplace. Key product lines include health care products and services (medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, clinical information management, dental and vision benefits, and case and disease management); and group disability, life and accident insurance. In addition, CIGNA also provides life, accident, health and expatriate employee benefits insurance coverage in selected international markets, primarily in Asia and Europe.

CIGNA healthcare manages medical, pharmacy and dental care services, including integrated indemnity and group life and health insurance for employees that is primarily offered through their employer. CIGNA HealthCare also offers behavioral health benefits, assistance and work/life support programs, medical management and a range of industry-leading health & wellness and behavior-change coaching services.


Corporate Headquarters:
Two Liberty Place
1601 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19192
Ed Hanway
Employee Number:
26,000 employees
2008 Revenue:
$19.1 billion

Product Types Offered

Individual, Families and Employers

CIGNA offers Health Products for individuals, families and sole proprietors under the age of 65 and not eligible for Medicare. Whether you're self-employed, a recent graduate, or you or your dependents don't have group coverage, CIGNA offers a full range of medical and pharmacy plans to help keep you and your family well.

CIGNA HealthCare is ideal for employers who want one set of solutions provided by one company for all covered employees and retirees. With CIGNA HealthCare and the products offered through CIGNA Senior and Retiree Services, individuals will be covered through every stage of life. And what employer wouldn't want to deal with one company that provides superior products and services?

Here are the plans CIGNA offers:
  • CIGNA Behavioral Health   (Behavioral Care)
  • CIGNAFlex AdvantageSM   (Dental)
  • CIGNAPlus SavingsSM   (Dental)
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)   (Dental)
  • Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO)   (Dental)
  • Dental Traditional   (Dental)
  • Personal Accident Insurance   (Group Accident)
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance   (Group Accident)
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTD)  (Group Disability)
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance (STD)   (Group Disability)
  • Term Life Insurance   (Group Life)
  • Universal Life Insurance   (Group Life)
  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)   (Medical)
  • Flexible Savings Account (FSA)   (Medical)
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)  (Medical)
  • HMO with Open Access   (Medical)
  • HMO with Open Access Plus   (Medical)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)   (Medical)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)   (Medical)
  • Medical Indemnity   (Medical)
  • Open Access Plus  (Medical)
  • Point of Service (POS)   (Medical)
  • Point of Service with Open Access  (Medical)
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)   (Medical)
  • Managed Pharmacy Program   (Pharmacy)
  • Online & Phone Order Pharmacy (Tel-Drug)   (Pharmacy)
  • Network Vision Plan   (Vision)
  • Vision Indemnity  (Vision)
  • Vision Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)   (Vision)

Medicare Plans

Medicare is the nation’s largest health insurance program, covering 40 million Americans. It was designed to provide high-quality health care to people 65 and over, as well as to others with disabilities.

CIGNA currently offers the following plans:

CIGNA Medicare Access®/CIGNA Medicare Access Plus RxSM 
Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service plan with or without prescription drug coverage

CIGNA Medicare Select®/CIGNA Medicare Plus RxSM
(1 Available in Maricopa County and the city of Apache Junction, Ariz., only)
Medicare Advantage HMO plan with or without prescription drug coverage

CIGNA Medicare Surround®
Medical plans that supplement Medicare

CIGNA Medicare Expand®
Medical plans that coordinate benefits with Medicare

CIGNA MedicareRx®
Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

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Provider Network

CIGNA has one of the country’s biggest provider networks. For the most up-to-date health care professional listing, please visit the Provider Directory to learn more about doctors, hospitals, other medical services, dentists, vision care providers and pharmacies that work with your CIGNA plan.
Click Here to Access CIGMA’s Provider Network

Recent News

Here are some of the most recent news regarding CIGNA:

Mary Hoeltzel Named CIGNA Chief Accounting Officer

PHILADELPHIA, July 06, 2009 - CIGNA (NYSE:CI) today named Mary T. Hoeltzel as vice president and chief accounting officer, effective July 2, 2009, succeeding Annmarie Hagan, who became CIGNA's chief financial officer in late May. In this role, Hoeltzel will be responsible for enterprise accounting, internal and external financial reporting, and related analysis. Hoeltzel will partner closely with the business on financial reporting initiatives, accounting analysis and related matters. (Continue Reading)


CIGNA’s rating, as rated by A.M. Best Company. A.M. Best Company is a full-service credit rating organization dedicated to serving the financial services industries, including the banking and insurance sectors.

Financial Strength Rating
Rating: A- (Excellent)
Financial Size Category: V ($10 Million to $25 Million)
Outlook: Negative
Action: Affirmed
Effective Date: November 14, 2008

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